Kitmaster Model Railways




The early kits had transfers with the BR logo with the lion facing to the left and right. This was incorrect as BR locomotives had the Lion only facing to the left as per the registered design. Kitmaster had this pointed out to them and the second series of transfers had two Lion logos facing to the Left.



Diesel Electric No. 2




Duchess of Gloucester No. 4






Schools "Harrow" No. 5





Saddle Tank No. 6





Prairie Tank No. 7




Italian Tank No. 8





English Electric Deltic No. 10





Battle of Britain Class No. 11





Giant Swiss Crocodile No. 12






BR Standard Corridor Brake 2nd No. 15




T.T.3 BR Standard Corridor 2nd No. 20





T.T.3 BR Standard Restaurant 1st No. 21






Evening Star No. 22






241P Mountain 4-8-2 French Loco No. 23






City of Truro No. 24




Beyer Garratt No. 25



German DB B4yge Coach  No. 27





OO BR Standard Restaurant 1st No.28



French SNCF Coach No. 29





BR Mogul No. 30






Pullman Kitchen Car No. 32




New York Central Hudson No. 34